Need help choosing yarn

I’d like to make this ponshawl for my mom, , but I don’t really think she’s a suede/bling bling kind of gal, you know? She’s cold natured, and usually takes a sweater along to church to keep warm (we live in the south where the a/c is on much of the year). I’d like something a tad more elegant looking that she could wear over her nice church dresses. Any suggestions?

I would check the suede and bling cling packages to see the weights and yardage… then you can pick something that is similar and know it will knit up the right way.

Try this site. You can enter the weight you need & it will come up with a bunch of yarns. It doesn’t have all yarns but it’s pretty good.

Wow! I wish I would have known about this site 2 hrs. ago.
I wouldn’t have spent 65 bucks on something I really didn’t want at my LYS They didn’t have any of the 3 yarns I was looking for but this place did. This site’s cool!

Thanks, ladies, for the responses. I’m off to check out that link. :happydance:

Me too!

Thanks for the link Christine! That’s an awesome site!

I just made that ponshal thing myself, for my daughter’s teacher. She did purchase the Bling Bling and Suede for me to make it with. One thing is just be aware that despite how that picture looks, this is not a poncho or a shawl. It’s more like a biggish scarf. The finished measurements are 11 x 30 inches excluding the fringe, which is pretty small. On the other hand, when the non-fringed edge (the top) is pinned together at the side, it does look quite pretty.
But nobody wearing this will be warm. It’s too small!
On a positive note, it works up incredibly quickly.