Need HELP can't figure out rest of pattern

I am knitting a blanket from a Debbie Bliss book Baby Cashmerino. page 20 if you know it. I am having trouble figuring out the rest of the rows pattern. the Left side edge triangle pattern follows as: 1st rowK1,P1.TURN 2ND ROW P1,K1, TURN 3RD ROW [P1,K1] IN FIRST ST,P2TOG, TURN 4TH ROW P1,K1,P1,TURN 5TH ROW [K1,P1] IN FIRST ST, K1,P2TOG, TURN 6TH ROW[P1,K1] TWICE,TURN 7TH ROW [P1,K1]IN FIRST ST,P1,K1,P2TOG,TURN 8TH ROW P1,[K1,P1]TWICE, TURN
cont in this way, working twice in first st and working last st together with next st of base triangle untill all sts have been worked off. do not turn.
leave these 22 sts on right hand needle.

i can not visually see this pattern to write it down. if some one can help please!!!

cont in this way, [color=red]working twice in first st [/color]and [color=blue]working [/color][color=blue]last st together with next st of base triangle [/color]untill all sts have been worked off. do not turn.
leave these 22 sts on right hand needle.

As you work the triangle, you’ll see that there’s a gap between the two stitches you’re supposed to work together. It should become very clear how things are supposed to go without having to write it all down.

Thanks i finally figured it out. takes me a bit sometimes to get it. now i am working on the FIRST RECTANGLE. I didn’t think i was going to have a problem untill i got to the second row. the last st says to skpo then turn. i have run out of sts. i am so confused. pattern is:
1st row yarn back of work, sl 1pw, [k1,p1]2x, k1,p2,k6,p2,[k1,p1]3x.
2nd row [p1,k1]4x,k1,p6,[k1’p1]3x,k1,skpo,turn
3rd row yarn back of work, sl 1 pw, [k1,p1]2x, ki,p2,c6f,p2,[k1,p1]3x
4th row as 2nd row.
am i supose to slip last st over the last k st or am i to sl i ki pso?? again this is the last st from the 22 st from triangle. i am out of sts. i think i am in over my head.

i have been knitting for about a year. mostly blankets knitting and purling. i juat finished my first sweater for my daughter. now i am trying this blanket which happens to be for an advance knitter. i am having trouble understanding the pattern as i go along.

:?? I’m confused, too. You have 22 stitches on your needle, but use those 22 before the sl, k, psso. Plus it doesn’t look like the stitches would like up properly for the cable.

Here are some Debbie Bliss corrections.