Need help before i screw up!

i have just started a sweater from Better Homes and Gardens Knitted Cold Weather Sweaters. It is the Perfect For Him Basket Weave Sweater. I don’t know if this is the place to ask for this help but i love this sweater. i did the first two inches of the back (m) (64 stchs) then it says to inc 2 stchs (only in that size). where do i inc. beginning or end or row or 1 at beg and :woot: 1 at the end or is this an error?

1 at beginning & 1 at end.

If the piece is to be seamed, avoid making incs in the first/last sts. Work them 1-2 sts in from the edge. Use the inc appropriate to the angle you have (lean right/left). You can see the options at the INCREASES tab in Vids (top of page).