Need help asap please

I’m having a hard time translating a chart to written instructions… If some one could help me please I’d be grateful… This is for my son’s first Christmas. I can’t seem to upload the document but its the Harlequin Christmas stocking on page 12 and 13 from please contact me if you are willing to help.

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This may be a link to the pattern:

What problem in particular are you having with chart?

The chart is for both front and back and I can’t tell which is which cause the dotted lines don’t look dotted there are more stitches that don’t add up for the next line…it doesn’t say to increase or decrease…

As far as I can see, the front and back are the same except at the instep (on the left before the straight portion of the leg). Each of the rows there has 2 extra sts because back on row 23, you don’t decrease 2 sts when working the front whereas you decrease 2 sts when knitting the back.
The chart shows you the increases and decreases by the “steps” at the edges of the chart. For example, on the Front,
row 1, k13
Row 2 purl 13, cast on 4sts
row 3 k17, cast on 2sts
For the cast on you can use a knit or cable cast on:

Don’t use the backward loop that is shown first, use the 2nd or 3rd options.

Thank you…I’ll use the video for sure… I’m just not confident with reading a chart like this… From what I can see I add st when there are dotted lines… Is there a program to translate the chart to written instructions? I watched the video very helpful and easy to learn from … Much appreciated…

Add sts whenever the chart shows an increase in the number of boxes (whenever the chart bumps out on your next row) and decrease sts whenever there is a decrease in the number of boxes. This chart is really all about shaping rather than lace sts or a complicated pattern.
It may help the use a sticky note to mark the row that you’re on. Then move the note up as you finish a row.
The dotted line is showing you the slight difference in the size of the front piece of the stocking.