Need help again, with decreases this time

Thank goodness for this forum! I am doing a stocking stitch. I have 81 stitches on my left needle, and have ended with the knit row. Instructions say: Next Row: Purl, decrease 5 (1,1,5) sts evenly across row–80 sts.
What do the (1,1,5) mean?

The numbers indicate the instructions for particular sizes. What size are you doing? Your instr should indicate what each position represents: 5 (1, 1, 5) might be S (M, L, XL).

Before working any pattern, make sure to circle or highlight all instr applicable to your project.


Thanks, Cam…I thought that might be what the numbers in parentheses were, but decreasing 5 for the small AND the extra large sizes didn’t make any sense to me. I guess I’ll just decrease by 1 (I’m making a medium).
Thanks again!

The different numbers for the other sizes are to get the stitch number correct for whatever pattern stitch you’ll be doing next. A 5 st dec probably doesn’t affect the size of the item that much.