Need Help Adjusting the Gauge for Socks

Hi all!

Well, I’m knitting again…first time in a while…classes kept me busy.

Anyhow, I just did a swatch for a pair of socks, and I’m getting 7 stitches per inch across and 10 stitches per inch vertically. The pattern calls for 6 and 9, respectively.

I’m using Skacel Trampoline Stretch sock yarn.

I’m not so sure that going up is going to make too much of a difference. Can I adjust the number of cast on stitches? It’s calling for 52.

I’m a bit nervous because this will be my first time trying ML, two at a time.

Please advise…

I’m looking to start this pattern as soon as I hear. I’m a bit eager since it’s been a few weeks since I knitted. Kind of like a drug addict right before their fix… :teehee:

Did you swatch in the round? That can make a difference as opposed to flat. Try going up another size, or even two. The row gauge isn’t quite as important, you can adjust by knitting less or more rows, but you need the stitch gauge right.

no…I knit flat…rats

I was hoping I could just take away some stitches from the cast on

Do try it in the round, sometimes we purl looser or tighter than we knit, so the gauge may be very different. For socks, many people just CO for the pattern, try a few inches and then check. If it seems right, keep going; if it’s off, rip out and go up or down a size accordingly.

Ok…sigh…off to frog I go.

Thanks for responding so quickly! :muah: