Need hat ideas

I’m looking for a hat pattern. I want one that’s a very loose hat. Snug around the brim, but loose fitting and kind of floppy. I want the brim to fit over my ears, but leave the front of my hair visible, then to be big enough to either tuck hair into in the back, or let it just be floppy.

I’m sure this was a terrible verbal description, but I’m looking for suggestions. TIA!

I’m making this one. Scroll down to the Pallisel hat.

I have had some problems with it so far, but I’m using different yarn so that is to be expected. She also just fixed an error in the pattern. Hope mine looks as nice as her does!


Wow, Candice, that is totally what I had in mind! TY!

What would be a really light-weight, not hot, yarn to use for a floppy hat?

Hmmm… maybe a bamboo or bamboo blend? Bamboo tends to be very drapey. The top part of the hat is in linen stitch which makes for a firm fabric, so knit that part on needles bigger than you would normally use. I used smaller needles on the ribbing than I am on the linen stitch.

Or a linen or hemp blend. Both of those would become nice soft fabrics with washing.


I didn’t read your entire post before clicking and saw that insane red thing…then Eekee said it was what she was looking for and I was… :shock:

That hat is cute…stick to the hat. :teehee:

There are slouchy berets, like this one - - only without the pompom…


Ooh, Sue, I like that too. I’d make it just a little bigger. I think I’m going to use some blue Caron’s that’s in my stash.

LOL, Jan. I saw that red thing too and thought, WTH is Candi thinking! :smiley:

I think this is a nice pattern, thanks for sharing

i love that hat thanks jan

Wasn’t me who posted it. :teehee: