Need Greek Key lace design

Hi. I need your help. I’m searching for a lace stitch of a Greek key pattern. I have 1250 yards of silk and want to make a shawl. Any suggestions?

Hi…this isn’t a lace stitch as such but I’m sure you could amend the pattern just by swatching. Go to this page and almost down the bottom…next to the crossword pic is a link (It says: [FONT=Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, san-serif][B]Download it FOR FREE right here! MenKnit_Issue #1)[/B][/FONT]…click on that and download the pdf and there is a free greek key scarf pattern:

This IS lacey but you would have to figure out how to achieve the closer weave stitching for the key

[SIZE=-1] [/SIZE]

hmm…that last link didn’t work but this is SO long;itemKey=1922316249;store=%2Fstores%2Fmaterialpleasures;catId=filet;itemNo=LACE153

Love the way the software here makes sense of an ultra long url :slight_smile: