Need good circs for Magic Loop


I have many bamboo circular needles. I believe they are the longer ones. Anyway, I am finding that as I am doing the magic loop, the part right below each needle is breaking and I am having to toss them away.

The Denise interchangables are hard to maneuver and bend, etc., for magic loop. Has anyone tried the silver ones on KnitPicks? I need good circs not made of that cheap plastic on the bamboo needles.



In my experience the Denise was fine for flat projects, but not great for ML. Boye needles and the cheap circs you get from craft stores aren’t either. The cables just aren’t thin enough or flexible enough,

Knitpicks Options Nickel Plated are my go to needles. The cables are flexible and good for magic loop. (I have heard that they changed where they have have them made from India to China and they aren’t quite as good, but I have no experience with that.) I also love the birch needles, both harmony and sunstruck.

Also the Knitter’s Pride needles that you can get here in KH are nice. I haven’t tested the metal ones yet, but the cable was great for ML.

I suggest getting a sampler from each company to see what YOU prefer.

great suggestions Jan. I just ordered the try me kit on KP and a few additional wires, I tend to use ML for everything, so can work easily on the longer wires. Thanks again for your help.

Okay Jan one more question while you are here. A very silly goofy question. I have the Denise interchangeable set, but what are those black round things for???

I got my Knitter’s Pride nickel plate Novas here, I love them. I have the Sunstrucks from Knit Picks and love them too. If a flexible cable for ML is what you’re looking for, I don’t think you could do much, if any, better. I use them for knitting flat also. Enjoy!

Oh really? I have never even heard of Novas. I will definitely be getting these. thank you so much. I have also wanted to try the Sunstrucks too. But a flexible wire is what I am looking for, so again, thanks so much!!!

Okay, I just looked up the Novas and they are short-tip needles? I don’t like the short stubby needles. Can I also get them in the long needles? Also, when you say “here” there is no link with that. Do you mean on this website? Thanks again!

Okay found them on this site. Silly me. Okay, so, I am just going to order the kit. It is on sale and is the most inexpensive kit I have found so far. Also, it comes with 3 wires, the longest being the 40 which is what I am looking for. And the needles are longer, with several stoppers. Thank you again, I am ordering these. Oh and they ship for free!!!


I think by “wires” you mean the cables? Some cables do have wire in them, the ones I’ve used aren’t as flexible as the cables with the Knit Picks or Knitter’s Pride. Enjoy your new needles.

I’m selling some knitpicks nickel plated circulars and also interchangeable if you have more then 1. The cord (or cable) never tangles or curls up which is really nice.

Is there a size you are interested in? I have sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, and 13

Knitpicks’ cords and tips aren’t what they’re used to be.

I need 40" or more for two at a time socks. I opted for a fixed size 1 Nova. I’m going to test it out maybe today.

Let us know how they work for you. I’ve been wondering if the novas are about the quality of what the knitpicks used to be.

The join is pretty smooth, the cord is nice. Tips are pretty pointy (but not too sharp, think.) For $6.50, I’m pleased!

I think I could do 2@time socks on 40" Novas but I prefer 47".

I was actually thinking myself about getting the 47" for 2 at a time. The 40" just doesn’t seem like quite enough cable.

I just double checked. I was in error (or lied?) and my needle is a 40", works fine.

For me when doing magic loop, the more cable the merrier. Like for hats and things, I like using my 60" cable on whatever size it is lol. So I figure a 47" would be an ideal for 2 at a time socks. :slight_smile:

I use 32" for a single sock and 40" for hats.

I couldn’t find nova 47". Poopie.

Here they are. :slight_smile: