Need Gauge help

I am knitting this pattern from Knitty:

I did not make a gauge swatch, but here is what is happening.

My sleeve is turning out longer than it should be. So I checked my gauge now and see that the gauge is supposed to be:

20 sts/28 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch

and I’m getting:

20 sts/24 rows = 4".

So what do you do when part of your gauge is correct (sts) but the rows is wrong?

Also, for this pattern I’m supposed to increase 2 sts every 7 rows about 16 times. I still have 7 more increases left - can I increase 4 sts for only 3 more rows to shorten the sleeve, but still have the correct number of stitches?

Row gauge generally isn’t as important as the stitch gauge (sometimes it’s impossible to get both), as many patterns tell you knit for X inches. Since you’re getting 6 rows per inch instead of 7 you need to adjust in one of these ways…

1- Start over on one size smaller. This shouldn’t affect the stitch gauge, but might make your row gauge closer.

2 - Rip back to where you should be for inches according to the original pattern and start the incs. Instead of every 7 rows (1 inch) inc every 6 rows (that’s how many you have per inch) 16 times so your stitches and length should come out right.

I vote for #2; it’s easier.

I would consider not doing as many rows in the “Work 8[7, 6, 5] rounds even” right after the decrease rows.

Will it be too long if you finish all the rounds up to the “Work even until sleeves measures 18.5 inches or desired length” part? You might be able to shave a few rows off there, also - if you’re already to, say, 18" at that point, just do 1/2" more.

Just write down whatever you do so your sleeves will match!

Thank you both! I’m just going to start over. It was my first time doing ribbing, and it looks a little messy anyway. Then I’ll do 6 rows instead of 7 between increases.