Need for baby items

Our church contributes to a program called “Into His Arms”. The group provides burial clothing for babies found abandoned. I have been asked to contribute knitted blankets and caps.

How sad that these innocent lives end abandoned and alone. I feel the need to wrap these little ones in a hand-made blanket and by doing so wrap them in love.

If you would be interested in knitting simple, small blankets and caps please PM me.

I also have a stash of baby yarn that I would be happy to send to anyone who would like to contribute and needs some yarn.:thumbsup:

Mary, Hi. I’m currently rearranging my yarn priorities. So I don’t know if I’ll be able to help your project or not. I think the program is so sweet. I wish you well and hope you get a lot of support.

Thanks for your kind words. If you find the time, there will always be a need------how sad is that.

I’ll be glad to help. Just send me your mailing address, or the address for the church or the organization.

:muah:Sandy, thank you!:muah:

I don’t know how you find time for all the wonderful things you do!

I’ll PM my address-----I think you have it from the Oddball blankets and shawls, but I’ll send it again.

Newborn sized hats? My mom is a crazy fast knitter and loves loves loves to make hats, since she can basically do one in a night.

I’m gonna ask her if she wants to make some.

Well, I have time, because I don’t really like to knit for myself. I’m a plus-size girl, so it takes FOREVER to make myself anything. Plus, it uses a LOT of yarn when I do. (The only thing I really ever make for myself is socks.)

I don’t knit Christmas gifts, because I did that one year, and didn’t really see that it was appreciated as much as I thought it would be. So, I prefer to knit for those that really need it.

I have lots of yarn, because people are always giving me yarn for my charity knitting. (Once I got a bag full of 200 skeins from a lady who works for a yarn company!) So, I’m equipped to do lots of charity knitting.

I knit ALL THE TIME, carrying a project with me wherever I go. I knit at stoplights, doctor’s offices, dentist offices, church, restaurants.

If I’m sitting, I’m knitting. :wink:

OK~ Question for you : what if its a CROCHETED item and not knitted? I just recently learned to crochet (:cheering::cheering::cheering:) and I have found that baby blankets go much faster crocheted than knitted IMHO… would you be interested in crochet and/or knitted items… Or do you just want knitting?
I:heart: baby items… they are small and so quick to make~!:aww:

Crocheted items are very welcome. We just want to wrap these tiny ones with love. I’ll PM my address.


maryB … I PMed you~!:aww:

That is one of the saddest things I have ever heard…

I have extra yarn if anyone needs any to knit for this cause. PM me and I will mail it out to you.

I’ve just found this site today, while looking for charity knitting information. What size do you envision for the small baby blankets? I can knit baby blankets on the bus and the train.


I’m working on a set right now for preparing a tiny baby for burial
(about 1 pound).

Here are the patterns I’m using:
Here’s the hat pattern (I’m making the smallest one):
Here’s the bootie pattern: [COLOR=#e88787]…ordansSet.html[/COLOR]
I’m also going to make a gown with this pattern:
And a tiny blanket with this pattern:

Here’s my progress so far:

I still have to seam the bottom and back of the booties, but that will only take a minute.

Thanks, Katie, for your interest.:hug:

Thanks, Sandy, for the patterns and suggestions.:hug:

The need is for any size----premmie to full term to several weeks of age. These tiny little ones need to be wrapped in love and remembered. Size is not the issue as much as love and prayers.

Blankets can be any size, 12, 16, 18" squares. Hats for premmies to to full term.

Please say a prayer for these tiny babes and for their mothers who felt they had no choice but to abandon their child. They will have to live with that for the rest of their lives.:pray:

Thanks, Sandy and Mary, for the information. When I have a few blankets ready, Mary, I’ll obtain the mailing address. And yes, I’ll remember these babies and moms in my prayers.
` Katie

Mary, thanks SO much for the details on what you need for this project! :thumbsup:

mary b~ I am halfway through number 4 and I think they will be coming your way by next week~!:happydance:

Mary, PM me your addres… i have a crib size ripple afghan almost done (crocheted) and i can whip up the little hats fairly quickly… it only takes me a few hours to do one (crocheted or knit).

www.bev’ has a long list of patterns for these kind of items. I would be interested in making some for your cause, but it will be after Christmas before I can start. I don’t have any yarn suitable for these items at the present. Sandra from SC