Need Finishing Felting Advice

Greetings this is my first post. So thanks in advance for your help.

I just finished knitting “Dot” a Berrocco felted bag Pattern. Pattern book: 251. I used Ultra Alpaca, as specifcied in pattern. You can see it at:
I ran it through the wash according to felting instructions, looks and measures the right size. Wool is dense and I can’t see stitches but…


  1. How do I get the wool to look nice an smooth like the pattern. It is really fuzzy, I mean really fuzzy.
  2. How do I get a nice shape. The pattern said to put a 8" diamater mixing bowl in to the bag while it was drying, but I could only get a 5" bowl in and it sure doesn’t have the shape in the picture. Any ideas on shaping?


Hmm… well one thing some do when they are looking to smooth it out is to take a razor to it and shave it.

as far as shaping it, do you have any other dishes that are round with a flat bottom? something that would have to actually be stretched over it? that’s the best way to get the shape is to actually have to work at it. Look around the house. Don’t skip over things that are cardboard or paper either… you can cover those with a plastic bag to protect it. I bought a set of flat bottom pyrex casserole dishes specifically for felting… they bake well too when they don’t have wool around them. :teehee:

maybe a round detergent bottle (a bleach bottle comes to mind but of course you have to be careful with that.)

So shaving and/or snipping fuzz will work? Great idea.

Also on the shaping. I figure I can rewet it to get a shaping device in. I almost wish I would have run it through two cycles of hot water, it is still a little too tall. How much damage would that do?


dooooooooooo it!