Need favor from continental knitter


I cant get the videos to work on my comp, and yes, I have tried everything. So, in place of videos. I would like to ask some kind brave soul to picturize the steps in purling continental.


ETA: or if anyone has a website with decent pics on it, that owuld be another option…i am not really suggestiong someone does all that work, rather that i get a solution to my problem that works for everyone!

I could help with this… but… my camera is at work this weekend :oops: If nobody else steps up before Monday pm me and let me know and I’ll see what I can do :hug:

There’s no need to re-invent the wheel! There are tons of tutorials for continental knitting on the web that include still pictures. Here’s one. Doing a google search will come up with even more, including other videos and animations. (I chose the link I did because it has a picture of how to hold the yarn. Not all of them do. Note that there are other ways you can hold the yarn too – again a little googling will find tons of stuff.)

Speaking of which… is it that your computer can’t play videos at all, ever, or that you’re having trouble playing the KH ones? If you click the “home” tab above, Amy has some suggestions for common problems. All the videos on the site – with extras – are also available on a CD you can buy (click on “store” tab above).

thanks Jane! Exactly what i was looking for…but since you are so handy, do you hae a link thatshows it for left handed ppl who are kniktting ‘backwards’?

And as far as the videos, I am borrowing a computer from a fried, andfor whatever reason, ALL videos freeze and will not play-or they play for about 2 seconds at a time, jerking along like are really badly skipping dvd. I dont know if having no sound is the culprit, but it really isnt a big deal.

A lefty conti-knitter here… let me see what I can do… it may take me a few hours though - my camera batteries need recharged.

Thanks you so much pinkdandilion…I will be muchly appreciative of you efforts…and there is really no rush.

Okay! I got it…

I posted it on my blog 'cause it’s kinda long and has 5 little pics… I hope it’s not way too wordy or confusing, I just wanted to make sure I covered everything. Let me know if anything’s not clear, I’d like to fix it for future knitters that may also need this. I know that the continental purl stitch was hard enough to find comprehensive directions on for right hand let alone for left!!

These directions are for just a “plain” left handed continental purl, not for combination knitting (which would require you to untwist the stitch by purling through the back loops I believe.)

Anywhoo, here’s it is.

I hope it helps! :mrgreen:

Thanks so much pinkdandilion! That will be sooo helpful, and maybe even helpful to many others. Do you know how many wrong sites i tried going through google??? WAyyyy too many.

Thanks again, and I will post a pic of what I have done. I think i was combined pruling to begin with cause i would do my version of conti purling, and then have to continue purling throught the back of the loop. At any rate, I will try your tutorial…and yes, it was a big headache for me to try and reverse in my head what to do.

Thanks!!! Can’t say that enough!