Need Fair Isle Cardigan Pattern

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I really want to make something special for my 80 year old Godmother for Christmas and thought I’d make her a cardigan with some Fair Isle elements. I’m brand new to Fair Isle but thought if I could do the bottom 2/3 white and then bands of Fair Isle up to the top, matching that for the sleeves, it would be very pretty and she’d love it.

I’d be willing to tackle a round yoke, too, if that’s the right look.

I’m hoping that someone here will have a pattern for what I described. I haven’t checked Ravelry yet since I’m sure there are thousands on there but I have a feeling one of my KH buddies might just have such a design up his or her knitting sleeve!

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Ruthie :hug:

I’ve not made one myself yet, but here’s a few I found on Rav.

Free -

Not free-

Hi, Jan!

Thanks so much for these. They’re definitely possibles. I particularly liked the last one and went to Amazon to check out the book it came from. What a gorgeous piece of work!

I read some of the history of Bohus Strickning and was fascinated! So many women of today are trying to turn their knitting skills into something that will bring income into their lives and these women really made it happen in their generation. Incredible story! Inspiring to all of us.

When I finally settle on a design and get it moving I’ll be sure and let the forum folks know. I so much appreciate this group, it’s wonderful and generous beyond belief!

Thanks again,

Ruthie :o)

My Godmother’s sensitive to wool so I need to make this out of a 4-ply acrylic. I’ve got a bunch of the Lion Brand “Pound of Love” yarn in all different colors.


Ruthie :hug:

I dont know what you fancy, but my Mum & Dad has these fabulous genuine Fair Isle sweaters they bought when I wasn’t even a twinkle. They are dark (chocolate) brown all over, with a brown/cream/beige fair isle pattern around the yoke and cuffs. I think for that wonderful age of lady, you cant go wrong with traditional, the curved yoke looks great.

Good luck. Get the main bit done so you’re not rushing the Fair Isle bit on Christmas Eve :rofl:

Do you want a design in Fair-Isle (regional) design or do you want to do Fair-Isle multicolor knitting?

If the latter, then browse through all those free patterns on There are so many of those. Its Norwegian design but a lot of stranded work. If you want Fair-Isle motives… I am at loss for a pattern :slight_smile:

Hi! :waving:

Good Advice, Rosie! On Christmas Eve the only “yokes” I want to deal with will be in the egg nog! :roflhard: (I know, I know, spelling doesn’t count!) Thanks for these designs, they’re gorgeous.

I think what I’m looking for, Hyperactive, is the Fair Isle stranding technique rather than a strict, specific fair isle pattern, although I’ve seen several that are quite lovely that I might tackle. Thanks for the link.

I’m such a newby with Fair Isle that I don’t yet know what to ask for! How’s that for a puzzle! :slight_smile:

The only Fair Isle pattern that I have in hand at the moment is for socks knitted in the round. It’s very simple and I thought that would give me a “gentle” introduction. Once I’ve got that under my belt I might be able to draft a pattern for the sweater.

I keep “seeing” a simple cardigan, white for the bottom 2/3 with stranded banding in a variety of colors and patterns upwards from there and the same treatment for the sleeves, carrying the stranding on the sleeves to match up with the body of the sweater. A placket down the front on both sides for buttons and buttonholes, in white, and a simple ribbed neckband.

I may have to resort to an already-drafted more traditional pattern, which would still be lovely, but I just keep “seeing” the custom one.

OK, will let you know what happens, and I so much appreciate your help!

Happy knitting,

Ruthie :knitting: