Need explanation please!

If I am slipping purlwise at the beginning of each knit row, in order to keep the sides neat (as in a scarf) would I have the working yarn in front when I am slipping purlwise? Or does the working yarn stay at the back?? All the rows are knit. The first stitch is slipped purlwise only to get a straighter edge. Thanks!

Leave the yarn at the back. You’re just slipping the st purlwise so it isn’t twisted.

It’s a matter of preference in how you would like the edge of the scarf to work, but I would suggest bringing the yarn to the front as if to purl, then slip the stitch and take the yarn back for the knit stitches. This will leave a smooth edge of elongated stitches.

I also have the yarn at the front (consistent with purling). Slip pw, then put yarn to back (if the next st is K). It helps ‘align’ the stitches more, IMO.


I like to slip it with the yarn in front too.