Need Explanation Of Pattern Repeat

My Spring Treasure Bag again …

Begin Fleck Stitch pattern.
Round 1: Knit
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: P1, K1, repeat from
Round 4: Knit
[color=blue]Repeat this pattern four times,[/color] then K50, place red marker, and K50.

Does this mean that you are doing rounds 1-4 a total of FIVE times? The one listed and four additional? I guess the way to figure this out is to add up your stitches and see if it makes 100?


Each row itself should equal 100 stitches,

The wording on this is iffy, though. I think I’d repeat them 4 times total, since it doesn’t say to repeat an ‘additional’ 4 times.

Ok so now I’ve done the four times around and am here …

Repeat this pattern four times, then K50, [color=red]place red marker, and K50 [/color]

I originally had a red marker to mark the end of my 100 st round … so when I K50 put a red marker then K50 again, it brings me to my original red marker … surely it doesn’t mean to put in another red marker??


What’s the purpose of the markers? I imagine you will be doing decreases or something along the sides, but a red marker generally means the end of the round. :shrug:

you should have 2 markers Toby, your original one, and the one that you are placing in the middle of the work. So you would K50, pm, K50 to arrive back at your beginning of round marker. That’s it.

Wow Ingrid, really. I had never heard of this. Guess I’m naughty, I use any old marker… knitting rules!

I did it on my own for the end of a round when there are other markers used, then I read that Silver does the same thing. I’ve read about other people doing it, too. I don’t know that it’s an ‘official’ thing, but it helps me to know which marker is my end-of-round marker.

That’s what I thought … I ended up in one round with 49 st so I put yo and made another one. :teehee: I prefer that to the dreaded ribbit frog. :grrr: It also says to knit for 3 inches so I put a removeable marker in so I don’t keep knitting for 3 miles. :teehee:


[b]But now I have another problem … I don’t know why they would have you put a red marker in the middle where there’s already a red marker at the beginning of your round because now after doing 7 more rounds I have NO IDEA which red marker marks my beginning!!! WAIT! Could it be above where my cast on tail is???

I’m also doing these randomly placed purls and it looks very odd without any pattern … I guess this is where you use graph paper so you can see where you are placing your purls so it doesn’t look weird … I’ll know for the NEXT bag!!! :wall:

Toby :passedout: [/b]

WAIT! Could it be above where my cast on tail is???

Yes you’ve got it!


:blooby: :blooby: :grphug:


[b]Here is my progress … when I was doing one of the sections of 50, I noticed I had only 49 stitches so I did yo and increased one … hence I am left with a hole … I should have known after doing that hole pattern near the beginning but I didn’t know any other way to fix it … I suppose I can just stitch it together when its finished?

Also, these purl stitches that they say to put here and there … they look so odd … wish they had some form of a pattern to them instead of leaving it up to a novice like me to make them look good!!!


Instead of using a YO for an increase unless you want the hole, use another increase - kfb, M1, MLL/MLR. Look these up under Increases on the Basic Techniques tab.