Need Easy sock pattern

Does anyone have sock patterns that might be easy for me to try.
I have never made socks before, but love light weight knitted socks.

Here’s a couple for you to try. I am working on my first pair of socks, and am using pattern #216 here

here’s a couple others I found after I became a little less intimidated.

universal toe-up sock formula
cut your teeth

I’ll be trying the universal toe up sock formula for a customized fit. I would be done with my first pair, except I found out after my fist sock is done that you need to keep your tension tighter than you would use for a drapey garment. my sock was the size of a christmas stocking!!! :roflhard: After I laughed quite a bit, I frogged it and will be finishing that set soon.

Good luck and happy socking!

Try Silver’s Sock Class For a really detailed look at how to make a simple, universal sock! I made socks from her class and really loved them.

IAWTC. I am currently wearing two pair of socks (northen Sweden= cold :pout:)made with that tutorial/pattern and they are awsome :smiley:

I second the recommendation for Silver’s Sock Class. I did it and successfuly made a pair of socks. It looks hard but just take it one step at a time! Good luck…