Need easy pattern for toddler toboggan

I am a beginner and would like to knit a toboggan for my 18 month old daughter. I need a pattern that’s pretty simple…can anyone help? TIA!

You want to knit your daughter a toboggan? A sled? :?? Are you sure you don’t mean something else? A hat for the toboggan maybe?

If it’s a hat you are wanting I can help you there. :wink: Do you want to knit in the round or flat on two needles and seam?

Two needle hats -

In the round hats -

Yep, a toboggan is a type of sled. I just came across for a pattern called Knit Toboggan Hat - and it does refer to it as a toboggan…

Sorry for the confusion…growing up we used “toboggan” for both the sled and the hat you would wear while on the sled. I think most people might call it a beanie? Not sure…

People do use the term beanie sometimes, but to me a beanie is one that just sits on top of the head and barely covers the ears. And I also picture a propeller on top. :teehee:

I gave you some links so see of those work for you.

Here you go and it’s easy :slight_smile: