Need Dishcloth Patterns

Hi! :waving:

Christmas is coming (Yikes!), my Godmother is having a new kitchen put in and I’m bored silly with my current store bought dishcloths.

I just got back into knitting last year and have been doing afghans and socks but am waiting for some new needles to get here and would like to experiment meanwhile with dishcloths/washcloths. I think they’ll make incredible gifts!

I have two 50 gram skeins (84 yards each) of Bernat Organic Natural Cotton, which recommends Size 10 needles, which I have on hand.
Is this a good cotton for dish/wash cloths? I’ve seen a lot about “Sugar and Creme” but I’m not familiar with it? Do any of you have a yarn you could recommend?

I’d really appreciate it if you’d tell me what your favorite patterns are and let me know where I can find them. I’d rather trust the experience of the great knitters in this forum than just do a random pick.

Thanks to all!

Ruthie :muah:

There are lots of patterns here

Five pages of them at Dishcloth Patterns

Wowser! Thanks a bunch, Sue!

I see I can make a career out of dish and wash cloths! LOVED the backscrubbers!

Sigh! Hi Ho, Hi Ho,
Off to Michaels I will go
And do something rash,
Increase my stash,
Hi Ho, Hi Ho! …

Better get those needles flying!

Thanks again,

Ruthie :o)

Hi, Suseeq!

What a great website! I’ve already bookmarked it (and the one from Sue) and expect to spend some time dreaming my way through all the goodies!

You’re all so generous in helping me find something really special for my Godmother, who is 78 years old and has been waiting 33 years for her new kitchen! With all the wonderful meals she’s cooked for all of us over the years, nobody deserves that new kitchen more. And finding and making her a set of spectacular dishcloths will add that much more to her enjoyment!

Ruthie :o)

have you looked on ravelry, there are loads on there as well

Hi, Susi! :waving:

Yes, after I read your post and Suseeq’s I checked out the sites you both sent (wonderful!) and then took a trip over to Ravelry!!! :woot:

Holy-Moley! What a collection! I was so jazzed I grabbed my needles and the two measley balls of cotton yarn in my stash and started knitting! I did the grandmother’s pattern and then I made one up! I finished the second one about 1:30 this morning! (Guess I’m addicted!). Now I’ll wash these and then “field test” them, one as a dishcloth and one as a wash cloth. But I’ve already had visions of tossing all my dishcloths and washcloths into the “rag bag” and replacing them with hand-knitted ones! After, of course, my Godmother gets her collection of dishcloths for her new kitchen!

I can’t thank you enough for pointing me in the right direction! :muah:

I guess I’m back at my favorite little knitting poem -

Hi Ho, Hi Ho
To Michael’s I will go
And do something rash,
Increase my stash!
Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Guess I’d better take my truck instead of my husband’s car! :knitting:

Oh, about the yarn - Does Sugar and Creme/ Peaches and Creme work well? I see it mentioned a lot on here and wondered. And I found a website that has it in 1 pound cones (about 787 yards) for $6.64 and 4-ball packs for around $5.

Thanks again, Susi!


Yes, most people use sugar or peach and cream for dishcloths. As well as Lion Cotton, Bernat handicrafter and RH has one too. If there’s a Joann’s near you, they had huge skeins of one of them in christmas colors on sale when I was in yesterday.

I love mason dixon brickcloth pattern, it is so durable and easy to knit and I dont think this baby will ever wear out. I always give one with other other cloths and it is always the one everyone loves using the most.

Hi! :waving:

I’ll look that pattern up, for sure!

When I started looking for dishcloth patterns, I was amazed at how many are out there. Then I started making some, and Oh, Wow! Am I hooked!!! They are so incredible.

Last week the AC Moore in Dover, Delaware had Sugar 'N Creme on sale for $1 and I stocked up. But by the time I got there the bins were almost empty. The gal who works in the yarn department told me she’d ordered a huge shipment for the sale but it didn’t arrive in time. So she let me get a raincheck for 40 more skeins!!! They’ll call me when it comes in and I’ll make the trip over there (about 45 minutes) in record time! :thumbsup:

But meanwhile, I got started on some of the bundles I got on the first trip. I use size #9 needles to get the weave I like best. I found that if I continued the dishcloth pattern and knitted the whole 2 oz. ball I’d get a good sized dish towel, too! The pattern I used was a waffle stitch with garter stitch borders on 41 stitches.

I’m so grateful for the help and recommendations you’ve all given me. It’s opened a door into a super knitting activity!

By the way, I’ve already sent my Godmother a dishcloth to try out. She loved it and is looking forward to her dishcloths (and now dishtowels) for the new kitchen! Thanks again!

Ruthie :clink:

Unless you are referring to one I don’t know about it’s actually called the Ballband Dishcloth and here’s the link.

Sugar and Cream does work well, but I prefer a finer dishcloth that dries faster. I use Tahki Cotton Classic for their beautiful colors and I love the dishcloths I’ve made with it. It is more expensive. They are not for serious scrubbing though. Then again you have to be careful with even the dishcloth cottons. I used one for scrubbing the sink and it wore a hole in the cloth.

Sounds like you’ve found tons of patterns.

I usually use Peaches & Creme- either the little balls ($1.27 & they make 2 usually)or I also have a couple of cones ($6.87 and lasts forever!) from Wal-mart. Cheap and easy- just like I like it!

Thanks for the pattern and link to Tahki. I’m so into the dishcloths now it’s like a visual feast! Everyone’s been so helpful.

Ruthie :thumbsup:

Thanks! :waving:

I caught a sale at AC Moore last week on Sugar and Cream, the 2 or 2.5 oz balls for $1.00!!! Yay, yippee! I managed to snag a bunch and because the bins were almost empty, they gave me an open ended rain check for 40 balls, any color! THAT’s dishcloth knitters heaven!

I wanted to get some cones of white and cream from the Peaches & Creme website because they’re so inexpensive, but getting them from Wal-Mart is even better - no shipping and I get my paws on them right away! Thanks so much for mentioning that, Renee!

Ruthie :muah:

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]If you go to , look in the “free patterns” section and there is a great dishcloth pattern that I’ve used over and over. I was given 20 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca’s Organic Cotton a couple years ago, had no idea what to use it for, and I’ve made dishcloths for everyone I know. The fact that Jimmy Beans Wool is a block away from my office makes knitting a very dangerous hobby for me! :knitting: [/COLOR][/FONT]

I appreciate this link! Wowser! I’m really enjoying it!

Ruthie :woohoo:

My favorite dishcloth pattern for gifts looks more like a doily, and it’s fun to make with circular needles and dpns.
I’ve always wished I could figure out how to make the flower red with a yellow center, and the border green, so it would look like a poinsettia. It would be PERFECT for Christmas.

Shandeh, this is beautiful! Thanks so much for sending it!
If I figure out how to do the colors you mentioned, I’ll let you know!
But I can see this would make a terrific gift!

Happy knitting,
Ruthie :slight_smile: