Need designing help!

I have someone helping me design my business cards, logos and banners etc… The problem is she doesn’t know knitting well! The business name is “[deleted]” and I was trying to tell her what exactly [I]variegated[/I] meant. I ended up giving her the dictionary meaning! I’ve started a home based business making accessories that are either sewn, knitted, crochet or all of the above! She’s having trouble understanding.:whoosh:

Does anyone out there have any suggestions? Do you think some sort of picture depicting “change” would be something good for a logo? Like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon? I don’t know!!! Help!:pout:

I would consider doing a variegated swatch…perhaps with different textures as well as tones…and use that in some manner via photoshop. The cocoon idea is sweet but potentially well used before. I would tend to be individual and clearly indicated what you do via your real work. Perhaps the V on variegated could be made into a design with different tones and textures just itself, or the whole word i.e. letters are made from the swatch you make and the image taken of it.

I have to pass along her website (deleted for privacy). She is so talented and I’ve been so please thus far with her patience with me! All her prototypes are beautiful. It’s awesome!

would it help to show her samples of what you intend to sell, or show her pictures of the types of yarns? maybe sending her to a few sites with finished objects or yarn would help your designer understand.

Hey… this is what I do! I’m a graphic artist and also design business cards and logos! :slight_smile:

I would nix the butterfly idea, and try to keep it a bit more simple and refined. Less is more when designing a logo. Trust me. I’ve done lots of logos and some clients just want so much going on that it ruins the whole look IMHO.

Personally, I would just color the letters the same way a varigated yarn swatch looks, with streaks of color. Then add a knit item… needles, ball of yarn, something small and simple. Maybe add a tagline if you have one, or your website address and that’s it.

I’m a designer too… Here are my two cents. :slight_smile:

I would avoid suggesting that the logo actually be veriegated. If this logo has to translate from a full size logo, say 2-3 inches across, onto a business card, where it has to be shrunken down, you’re going to lose all of that beautiful detail. It will get very muddy looking and won’t grab attention.

Think simple. Do you have a trademark piece of work that you do? Do you only knit sweaters? I think a neat idea would be a close up on the
^^^^ of stockinette stitch, and see what she could come up with. Try giving your designer one of your pieces for inspiration.

Just remember, simpler is better. Think about what your client/buyers would like to see. :slight_smile: