Need dec. help with 2x2 rib hat

Am knitting a simple hat in a 2x2 rib. Have a 1x1 pattern but the dec.s aren’t working out. Sport weight yarn, 100 sts. across, figure to begin dec. after 5 or 6 ins. What would be my best dec. method? That’s all I need. Checked knit pattern central but can’t find a 2x2 pattern. This is so simple I don’t know what my problem is. Used to doing plain old stockinette stitch hats. Appreciate any tips. Jean

I don’t like the tops on most ribbed hats because they lose the pattern. I really like this one though and it looks great!

This one is also nice.

Thanks Jan! These are super examples. The messy look of my dec.s was exactly the problem. Will certainly make use of these patterns.

Thanks Jan. I was looking for a nice ribbed hat pattern and this one is great. I am having some trouble understanding part of the decrease though. The patterns says:

Crown Decreases:

[COLOR=“Red”]Place markers in three evenly spaced K2 ridges (since you have 120 stitches, there will be 30 K2 ridges, your markers should be every 10th ridge)[/COLOR]

I know it’s probably very simple, but for some reason I can’t picture this. I will have 30 K2 ridges, so when it say’s “markers should be every 10th ridge”, am I counting the 2 knits as one ridge?

Yes, the k2 ‘ridges’ will be raised a little above the p2 ‘dips’. Basically, you’re placing a marker every 40 sts.

Squeakee, If you look at the comments below Claire’s hat pattern you’ll find a very good explanation of the placement markers for crown decreases. She explains at length how to space the markers. The trick is to put the markers between 2 knits. Check it out and you’ll see.