Need Crew Sock pattern!

The men in my life (although, I also have ladies in the family…) are requesting sports socks without a cuff like golf socks - the type that circle just below the ankle bone.

Any super simple & fast ideas? I’m on the verge of winging it but would like to see what is out there.
Thanks in advance!


Ah-hah! I found one that should work for both men and women. It’s also available in english on this page.

Wow, the pictures of these are exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks so much, I’ve got the supplies and my yarn (It’s a patterning fair isle) - I’m excited! I’ll post pictures when I’m finished…


Oh good!

Your dog is adorable! Maltese? I have a Coton de Tulear that looks a lot like that, but is probably bigger. :wink: