Need clarification on instructions

Hello all, I am making the Vibrant V-Neck sweater. I am now at the shape armhole and neck portion of the pattern. I understand the first portion of it, but now am stumped (maybe overthinking the next part)
It reads: Work across ribbing band and Cable 4 left pat, k1, ask (neck dec) knit to last 3 sets, end k2tog, k1 (armhole dec). [I] [B]Rep armhole dec every other row and at the same time, rep neck dec [every other row] once,[/I][/B] then every 4th row until 17 sets rem.
(I understand the every 4th row dec)

I think it means to do the armhole dec and neck dec in the same row once, then do them both in every 4th row. I have read it so many times I think I have confused myself!

The other part of the question is, I have 52 stitches so if I do the decreases as listed will end up with and even number. Should I do an extra decrease at some point?

Do the decreases for the armhole every other row starting with rows 1,3,5 etc. Do the decreases for the neck on row 1 and again on row 3 and then start neck dec every 4th row, rows 7, 11 etc. You should end with the dec at just the armhole edge for 17sts, I believe.

It does sometimes take re-reading the instructions over and over but there is also a point where you think you might have 20 different interpretations. Argh!

Now that makes sense! I know I was in an endless loop and needed an intervention! I have the back and the sleeves completed, so this shouldn’t take me too long. There have been many stops and starts on this project. I would like to wear it when the weather cools off. Thank you for clarifying this for me!