Need clarification on instruction


Hi, I need clarification on this instruction. I am knitting a vest with circular needles.
“It says leave sts from the 2 fronts with year attached at left front and rejoin yarn to work back sts only.”
leave meaning transfer the sts to stitch holder and the rejoin yarn meaning start a new yarn? I am lost.
The toolkit did not require any holder. HELP!!


I’m copying my original reply just in case someone is in search of a similar question:
" I think yours was the last post I read before the site crashed.

You can leave the sts on the needle and just ignore them while you work the back sts. Leave the ball of yarn attached to the left front. Take a new strand of yarn from a new ball if you have one, and work on the back sts only. You can attach the new yarn by just holding it next to the needle and starting to knit. Leave about a 6" tail to weave in later. The first stitch or two will be loose but you can always snug it up later by pulling on the yarn tail.

It may be neater and perhaps less confusing to put the back sts on a holder or on a length of scrap yarn. That way you won’t have the sts hanging around with the attached yarn ball."