Need CHUNKY shrug or cardi pattern

A coworker gave me some LionBrand WoolEase Thick n Quick. I am imagining a shrug or cardi to keep at work in case I get chilly.

Ive already Googled and seached

Any ideas? Im thinkin something SIMPLE. A little bit of a pattern would be fine, though.

Here’s a shrug with the same gauge as T&Q, and it looks really easy. But there’s no picture. :frowning:

Thanks, Silver! That one is VERY simple…

Im also considering THIS SHRUG or the SONNET SWEATER from Knitty.

HUGE difference between those two things, I know! :rofling:

Hey Kelly, you and I are on the same page. :smiley: I’m looking for a simple shrug too as you already noticed with my Italian turquoise yarn. Too bad there isn’t a picture in the link at for the simple shrug. I have to see a pic first.

I like that sonnet sweater a lot. (the one you link to) I think I may make that soon. Simple but interesting.

Did you check out the simple shrug I linked to in my post above??

I did this shrug a long time ago, but the gauge is a bit off from your yarn.

Silver, That is such a nice shrug. I think I’ll be making one soon.

Kelly, I did check that simple shrug but there’s no picture which I would like to see. I guess I can imagineit sort of. I’m wondering, Silver… and you all,

how often do you wear those shrugs? It’s a commitment to make it if it’s like uncomfortable in the end. Now, I’m thinking a really short boxy sweater might be just as or more than useful.

I made Haiku, which is the toddler version of Sonnet and it turned out so cute. It was quick and easy too. With the bulky yarn you’d have a great sweater in no time at all!

I was just gonna wear it at work…if my arms get chilly. Its like a sweater with no front. I see a pic at the top of that page…lemme see if I can attach it…

Kimmie, I AM gonna make sonnet, Ive decided, out of the wheat-colored worsted woolease she gave me.

There’s this really cute caplet (shoulder warmer?) in the Rowan Big just Got Bigger. I think the yarn you have could work. Here’s the link to see it (the picture is on the cover).

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When I first clicked on your link, I got the page does not exist notice, but when I copied your link, then pasted it into my browswer and backspaced to remove the letters, “url” which were attached at the end of it, then the link worked.

I just can’t seem to get adding website links right. :doh:

I have the same problem. I usually preview my post at least one or two times, then still end up frequently editing. :wall:

If you edit that post of yours, you can simply put your cursor to the right of those final three letters, “url”, and backspace 'til they’re gone, then your link should work fine. :slight_smile:

NEVER MIND! I see that you fixed it! :cheering:

catknit! I got the picture right away so no problem with your web posting ability! It’s sweet that capelet or whatever it is. Probably knits up fast too!

LOL! Now that catknit has edited her link, my posts don’t make a lick of sense! :mrgreen:

That’s going to be my next project (the first thing I knit for me :smiley: ).

I have a COUPLE of things on my list to do for ME next…All I have ever made for myself was a SCARF

Ok, I solved the dilemma about whether or not to make a shrug.
I didn’t know if I would wear one or how it will look so I didn’t want to waste/use my really beautiful yarn on it.

Then I was just laying down for a little nap and my arms were really cold and I thought I wish I had one of those shrugs right now just for my arms.

Then… as so often happens when laying down and dozing… the idea came: Make the Shrug in the cheap yarn you have laying around and see how you like it. Then, I can make it again in my expensive beautiful yarn and alter it if it needs it. And I can wear the other one in bed and stuff and…

oh does this sound crazyyyyyyyyyy? Anyhoo, that’s what I’m going to do. I went and bought some acrylic for some reason, I guess to practice on and I never used it so I’m going to use it up. It’s actually quite nice feeling.

If you are still looking, I found this shrug a few weeks ago… I was planning on making one for my daughter… just got all the yarn today. :XX: