Need Christmas patterns

I need Christmas patterns that’s fast and easy. That I can do in one day. I was think ornaments but I’m not to sure. Sorry if I make no sanes.


Berroco has a lot of ornaments, shaped like sweaters, socks, etc.

alot of choices at lionbrand, too


also try

I just designed this little stocking that can be filled with a little candy (or whatever) and personalized if you want. It’s knit in the round though.

The socks here are knit flat.

Thanks a lot.

Jan, I can’t get your link to work.

I have a free stocking pattern on my blog and on Ravelry called Sparkling Sleigh Bells Stocking. It’s not a one-day project but it’s pretty fast and simple :wink:

Here’s some really cute ornaments:

I’m thinking of making these myself.

Oops. That would be because it’s been updated since I posted that first link. Here it is again and corrected in my original post.

Jan, that is sooo cute! Thank you.