Need book recommendations

My 10yod, who has been knitting for a bit over a year needs a book of patterns. I was going to get one for Christmas, but the general pattern books were very “adult” in that they were sweaters and such that don’t interest her. The “kid” books I saw were mostly very beginner (“here’s how to cast on” type stuff). Now I’ve spoken to her, and she really wants something to knit stuffed toys. She did a fairly successful version of this one (I’m pretty sure that’s the pattern she used!)

So, I found this book which she said looks GREAT, but some of the reviews say not for beginners. I want something she will enjoy, not something that is a frustration to her.

Can you recommend or not recommend Knitted Toys? Are there any others you would recommend instead?

When I clicked on the book link, it also showed that people bought one called “Knit Toys:21 Easy to Knit Toys…” by Fiona McTague. I haven’t used either book, but you might check this one out since it specifically says “easy to knit”.
Good luck!!!

Thanks, I just saw that one, too.

What about World of Knitted Toys?

(I so much prefer having the book in my hands, rather than searching online!!!)

Yes, it is difficult to try and judge online, but when I used the “search inside” feature and looked at either the table of contents or the excerpt, it did look like there were a lot of projects listed under the “easy” heading…and several under the next one (which may or may not be too challenging, as it doesn’t really say exactly what type of more advanced things one has to know). It looks good to me.