Need big help... looking for a particular shawl

OK… I’m going nuts. I’m looking for a shawl. Easy right? I know what it looks like but don’t know the name. I have looked everywhere, the links listed here and online, and still can’t find it.

It looks like a crocheted (gezzzz I can’t even spell it) It is a triangle… It has open squares, and it knit in fairly heavy yarn. I am wanting the knit version.

Am I insane or just blind? My aunt had one, & I loved it for a light wrap… I’me very hot natured, and it was perfect that weekend I used it.

I am begging all pattern guru’s who know all about shawls… and see if I’m in the right ball park.

Thanks soo much ahead of time…I’m wanting to try a lace, and thought this would be something I want and could use as well as challange me.


There are hundreds of patterns that fit that description, unfortunately. Check this site, 296 Triangle Shawl Patterns! and on, the daily knitter and maybe you’ll find it or another you may want to try out.

I"ve looked through that site… that was the first site I looked for… alas it wasn’t there