Need beginner pattern!

Hello super amazing knitters! I need a beginner pattern to do. I knit often with dk yarn but I can do chunky as well.

Preferably a simple hat pattern that I can do.

I’ve checked ravelry and scoured the net but I can’t find much.
Maybe I’ll stick to egg cosies and little bow hairgrips.:wall: :pout:

I think of egg cosies as tiny hats so it sounds like you’re more than ready for head-sized hats. And it might be fun to try different yarn weights as well. I thought just about every hat was on Ravelry but you might try Knitting Pattern Central for a few more and what about Knitting Pure and Simple? Good luck with your search.

Well, they are actually tiny hats but I call them head cosies. Thanks!
I think I’ll experiment with what I find :slight_smile:

If I do it flat I can dedrease at the top then seam it together! Hmm.

Yes, you can do them that way if you don’t want to knit in the round.

You might try looking for patterns using ‘worsted’ or aran weight yarn. It’s a little heavier than dk, not as thick as chunky and there’s more patterns using theses weights. You could probably adapt them to the yarn you want to use.

What kind of hat are you thinking of? A stocking cap, beret, something else? Sometimes on youtube I find videos that show how to do things from start to finish, some of the tutorials have a pattern with them.

You know, I’ve gone on Ehow and some of those other ones when I’ve done pattern search. They’ll have search times like How to make a __ hat. Then you get into it and it tells you that you first have to find a pattern for it on the internet. Then they proceed to tell you how to knit that certain type. What good is it then? I came there for a pattern. Sorry, just one of life’s little annoyances that I had to vent on. I think you’d find a goldmine of patterns at Bev’s site. She has a lot of patterns for charity work. You are allowed to use them for yourself or family members but not for profit. Check out her site. They’re easy patterns. Many of them are two needle and ideal for a beginner. Click the tab on the top that says Winter.