Need "Bathrobe" Pattern

Does anyone know where I can find a basic pattern for a bathrobe? I’ve looked on other sites but have not found what I basically need. I have a picky hubby. Can anyone Help!! Thanks:aww:

A knitted bathrobe… :passedout: Sorry… don’t know of any… :think:

There’s one in the first Mason-DixonKnitting book. It’s called Mason-Dixon AFter-Dark Robe. It’s sized for a woman, but not particularly feminim-looking (no lacy bits).

Another in this book: Home Knits: Luxurious Handknits for Every Room of the House

Maybe find a loose cardigan sweater, make it longer and call it a robe.

For the books - try your local library.

I found this in a pattern search:

You can always change the colors.