Need baby shower gift recommendations

My co worker is having a baby shower this Saturday. I have already crocheted her a baby blanket. I want to make her something else as well. I was thinking of knitting a hat for the baby to come home in. I am kind of a slow knitter but plan on making as many things as I can. I really must stop this last minute thinking! lol

If possible,please give links with ideas. Thanks in advance.

She is having a baby girl.
I don’t have any baby circular needles ( don’t know where to buy them)
I have double pointed needles sizes: 3,4,5,6,7

Here’s some hats -

Sport weight yarn and US 4 needles or whatever to obtain gauge.

Worsted weight yarn and US 8 or whatever to obtain gauge.

DK weight and US 6 needles or whatever to obtain gauge.

Remember that if it is a little big it’s okay. Babies grow. :wink:

Here’s a quick easy pattern for two needles.


guess i should have mentioned the baby isn’t due until April and I have no idea what size I should make the hat.

If you’re going to make more than one having a newborn is okay, but they grow so fast I’d go with a 3-6 months. If you make it ribbed or at least a good bit of ribbing it’ll stretch to fit multiple sizes, too.

And if you’re working and you don’t have a lot of time, there’s no shame in knitting something later and giving her a gift certificate. One thing that she might appreciate that she most likely won’t get is a gift basket of essential supplies. You could get a nice basket and fill it with things like: baby thermometer, baby powder, diaper rash ointment (preferably Johnson’s), baby nail cutting scissors, baby hairbrush, baby shampoo, baby wash, teething gel, baby Tylenol, teething ring, and pacifier. These are things that every new mother eventually needs, but nobody thinks to give them. The moms usually have to go out and buy these things on their own.

I just bought the coolest baby thermometer for Eldest, it is in a pacifier! No more trying to stick anything anywhere on, or in, a squirming uncomfortable infant, except the mouth! :wink:

Baby booties are fast and easy. I recommend doing a search; you’ll find lots of patterns for booties.

Well the baby shower is in a couple of hours!
All is have is a :
baby blanket and diaper bag ( handmade of course),
went and bought a travel kit that has a thermometer, medicine dropper and spoon , nail clipper and one of those nose sucker things,
some baby powder,baby wash, rash cream,baby shampoo,baby lotion,
a bottle brush,
comb and brush set,
wipes travel case
and 5 bottles ( 2 4oz, and 3- 8 oz).

All I want to make now is a hat and some baby wash clothes.
Wish I could have gotten some diapers too but I ran out of money.

Is this a good gift???

Sounds like wonderful, thoughtful gifts. Your co-worker will be delighted I’m sure. Enjoy the baby shower.

Oh my gosh, that is a perfect gift just the way it is! If you really want to make a hat why don’t you do it after the shower and then give it to her after the baby comes. Might even have time for matching booties that way.

Thanks to everone that replied. She loved my gift! The hat and booties are a great idea. thanks again. Maybe i will learn how to do cables now.

Definitely. Of course, by the time you get this the shower will be over. Hope you had a good time and let us know how it turned out!