Need baby pattern help please

I started Amy Polcyn’s pattern, Sweet Baby Onesie and Hat, purchased from Willow Yarn. I contacted them and they were not helpful in recognizing an error in the pattern. I’m including the pattern instructions below. Would someone please tell me whether there is an error at Row 4 or is it something I’m doing wrong. Your help is very much appreciated. I’ve counted the stitches over and over and I end up with 15 stitches on my needle but the instructions indicate more than that. Thank you.

Sweet Baby Onesie and Hat
Starting at back CO 13 sts.
Work in k1, p1 rib for 1", ending with a WS row.
Change to lace pat. Work 2 rows.
Working lace pat into rows as sts allow, inc 1 st each end of row every RS row until there are 37 sts.

Lace pattern:
Row 1 (RS): k6, *p1, k5; rep from * across, end k1.
Row 2: k1, *p5, k1; rep from * across.
Row 3: k1, *yo, ssk, p1, k2tog, yo, k1; rep from * across.
Row 4: k1, p2, *k1, p5; rep from * across, end k1, p2, k1.
Row 5: k3, *p1, k5; rep from * across, end p1, k3.
Row 6: Rep Row 4.
Row 7: k1, *k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, p1; rep from * across, end k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k1.
Row 8: Rep Row 2.
Rep Rows 1-8 for pat.

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Very sweet pattern!
Row 3 as written has 2 increases (the yarn overs) and 2 decreases (the ssk and k2tog).

The pattern directs you to work 2 rows, then continue in lace pattern and increase at each end of the row, every RS row. So if you start with 13sts and increase on row 3 you should have 15sts at the end of row 3 and 15 still on row 4.

Thank you and believe I understand but still need to clarify.

Row 4 ends k1, p2, k1. Should I ignore those stitches until I have increased enough stitches to include them on the needle?

The same with Row 5: k3, *p1, k5, rep from * across, end p1, k1. I will end up with 17 stitches on needle without including the end stitches? Is that correct?

Include all the sts in the stitch count, the repeats and the sts on either side of the repeat. The count for the lace pattern itself doesn’t change. The additional sts come from the increase at each end on every RS row.

Row 4: k1, K1, p2, *k1, p5; rep from * across, end k1, p2, K1, k1. (15sts)
Row 4 will have an extra stitch because of the increase in the previous row. I try to keep the increases one stitch in from the end.

Row 5: k3, K2, *p1, k5; rep from * across, end p1, K2, k3. (17sts)
Row 5 has an additional increase at each end. When you have enough sts at each end you can incorporate them into the pattern repeat.

Thank you so very much! I had a mental block on this pattern and really appreciate your help!! Wish I could hug you! :grinning:
Thanks again!

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That happens with patterns sometimes. I hope it goes smoothly and that you post a photo when you finish!

Thanks to your help, I’m happy to send this photo of the finished baby onesie!
I’m about to start another one!
Thanks again!IMG_0734

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That onesie is adorable, could not have turned out any cuter. Well done!