Need baby items for South Africa

I am knitting baby hats and booties for Life Evangelism International which my brother and sister in law belong to. My brother is a pastor. They are giving baby items to the needy at the maternity hospitals and homes for the needy over there. This project has just started. I have sent 3 parcels to them from here in New Zealand and they have let me know they got them. I can send you e-mails with photos of them in, and photos of the babies wearing donated garments to show this is legitimate. If you would like to help please e-mail me at 1 Maternity hospital they went to had 40 prem babies in it. A lot of babies die over there and a lot of babies are born to woman that have been raped. There are a lot of prem babies too. There are a lot of homeless there that have crossed the border into there country. The people that have received there donated gifts so far are so greatful. It is like christmas has come. A lot of these people won’t have any money to buy clothes for there babies. Some babies are lucky if they are wrapped in newspaper. It’s sad.

God Bless You

Sandy in New Zealand.