Need Baby Blanket Pattern Suggestion

My hubby is ready to learn to knit (again). We’re expecting our first child and he would like us to knit a blanket together. Does anyone have suggestions for patterns?

Thanks in advance!

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How cool is that…knitting a blanket together with hubby for your baby!

Thanks but I was specifically looking for patterns that would work well for us to do together. Hubby is a super-new beginner and hasn’t held knitting needles for more than a half hour.

You could make an Oddball Blanket, like we do here in the forum for charity. You could knit for a few inches in a pattern you like, then he could knit for a few inches in garter stitch, then you could each take turns doing that. You could do it with the same yarn throughout, and just keep it on the needles the whole time. Sounds like a wonderful thing to do together!

Here’s a photo of some of our Oddball Baby Blankets for reference:

Sandy you make me want to get married and pregnant all over again! LOL

How special would a handknit baby blanket be when knitted in sections by both mom and dad?! I could imagine mom with one color yarn and dad with another and each just add a little here and there as they are able. What a sweet story that would tell!!

This is a pattern (Hugs and Kisses XOXO) that I am using to make my daughter a blanket. It is made in strips and then seamed together. It is very easy. You could do a strip and your husband could do a strip. It would be wonderful!! I am using Caron SS in White and Watermelon. It is beautiful!!

Thanks for the suggestions, ladies. :hug:
We ended up going with the Warm Up America blanket from Knitting for Peace. I figured, this way we aim for a specific size square and our differing gauges won’t matter. We’re going to use Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in cream, brown, purple, aqua, and blue. The colors are sort of muted, not bright. This will be an heirloom blanket, we hope!
For our anniversary last month, hubby bought me a gift certificate to our LYS specifically to use for this blanket and a knitting lesson for him. He’s the best hubby ever!

What an awesome project to work on together. My hubby is such a gear headed mechanical engineer that I will never be able to teach him to knit - neither of us have the patience for that !
My mom taught my dad to crochet back in the day while he was recovering from ACL surgery and a femoral fracture. My brother was a tiny baby and they were both in college and since he was in a full leg cast (plaster & heavy) all he could do was sit on the couch all day with my brother in a laundry basket beside him and since the TV didn’t have a remote he was bored a lot. She bought him some acrylic red heart (still her favorite to this day) and set him to making a blanket that 38yrs later is still on the back of their family room couch.

What a great memory your family has of that blanket. Thanks for sharing!