Need an edging for sleeveless dress

Does anyone have a pretty edge to put around the sleeve and/or neckline of a little girls dress…either knit (preferably) or crochet. I really need to finish the dress on the right. I did a single crochet on the dress on the left and it is way too tight. I’m just not a very good crocheter…yet.


You could try crocheting with a larger hook to make it looser.

Have you checked out the website The sister website is You can look up tons of free patterns, edgings, etc. I use it all the time for crochet projects (haven’t gotten too good at knitting yet). Another solution if you want to stick with single crochet is to chain one in between every single crochet (sc ch1, sc, ch1, etc) That keeps it simple but adds some give.

You could pick up stitches around the arms and neckhole and knit ribbing for a few rows–that would probably be more stretchy than single crochet.