Need Afghan Pattern

Does anyone have a good afghan pattern that looks as good on the back as it does on the front? Something that is totally reversible (does not have to be the same, just look good on both sides)

I am making a throw for my grandmother to bring to chemo and want her to have something pretty to look at. Patterns much appreciated.

This is actually a baby blanket, but if you want a lapghan you could just make it longer.

Here’s another baby blanket that’s more or less reversible. I made it as a throw for my son and DIL using this Joann’s yarndoubled and size 13s.

Woven stitch and basketweave stitch and close scallops and ripple stitch are some of my favorite crocheted patterns for reversible blankets.

Basket weave, hurdle stitch and farrow rib stitch are three of my favorite reversible knit designs.

Hope this helps!


I like the one-row blanket; it’s great to use with varigated yarn. If you have ravelry it’s here:

Thanks y’all! Ended up going with a ribbed reversible cable pattern… thanks!