Need advice

I want to make some socks, what yarn do you all reccomend and should i try to find circulars or use the straight dpns that i bought at joann’s (the 10 dollar package that has 5 of 4 different sizes)?

I don’t have an answer for you, but I was about to post the same question! There are lots sock knitters here so I’m sure we’ll get lots of answers. :slight_smile:

I’m a fairly new sock knitter, but found magic loop technique easy and wonderful. Get a 32" or 40" Addi Turbo or KnitPicks circulars in whatever size your pattern calls for–usually 0, 1 or 2, depending on your yarn.

I’ve heard good things about several sock yarns, but only have experience with one that I wasn’t really happy with, so hopefully someone can give input on the yarn side.

I used the Palette sock yarn from knitpicks for my first socks. I liked it because it felt nice and it didn’t kill my checking account.

I tried using two circulars to knit socks and I liked that but I am curious about this “magic loop” I have seen mentioned on this forum.

Is there a book or resource you would recommend for learning the magic loop method?

I use DPNs for knitting socks (I haven’t ventured into circs for socks yet). I find the DPNs very easy…it took a bit at first with the joining stitches but thanks to Silver’s Sock Class, it was a breeze!

I prefer circs and Magic Loop. As for the yarn, I’d recommend using some worsted weight and Sliver’s Sock Class for your first socks, unless you’re already used to working with thinner yarn and smaller needles.

It’s less distracting than trying to get used to sock weight or sport weight and learn to do socks at the same time.

My first ones were worsted weight house socks and then I went to sport weight cotton after that.

I am dpn (bamboo) fan…would like to try magic loop though:)

I would suggest a “heavier” sock weight yarn like Cherry Tree Hill Supersock for your first socks.

The dpn’s will feel awkward at first, but they are simple and quick to use once you get used to them.

Good luck!

I used Amy’s video right here on knittinghelp. It took me a few cast on’s to get it (my first socks, so I was learning more than one thing at a time!) but her video is really excellent and I found that once I just chilled out and had a little faith, I got the hang of it pretty quickly.

I found this resource list with links on a lot of sock knitting topics

I’ve knitted socks with dpn and with a circular needle and I prefer magic loop with one long circular needle. My favorite socks are toe up with a short row heel. I would also recommend starting with a heavier yarn such as worsted weight to get the hang of it and then trying a thinner yarn later. Good Luck!

I like Opal brand yarn. They have self striping yarns, which look pretty fun.

I do all socks on Magic Loop. Can’t stand DPN’s.


I love Opal yarn, but Knitpicks has some really nice sock yarn at reasonable prices. I like doing my socks cuff down and use Brittany Birch dpns (5") or 2 Option circs. I also have the Option dpns, but they’re longer and are a bit more awkward to use.

As you can see, the “best” needles and the “best” yarn depends on who ya ask! You’ll need to try doing a few pairs of socks in different ways to decide how you like to work your socks.

Gladys in Michigan