Need advice


Ok, I have really avoided knitting sweaters because I hate hand stitching pieces together. One of my daughters talked me into making her an Enterlac sweater featured in Rosemary Drysdale`s Enterlac 2 book. Ok fine the parts I can do no problem, it’s the sewing them together. My first thought is to grab a crochet hook. I could really use some advice on the best methods to stitch the parts together. All ideas are welcome. Please And thank you!


I too know the Strong aversion of seaming. Sorry, I knit in the round or simply flat objects. Good luck.


Mattress stitch may work for this but I like to seam this with a backstitch. I can align the parts of the entrelac more easily that way.

Entrelac is so beautiful and impressive. We’d love to see a photo when you finish!


Thanks for the tips. I think I like the mattress stitch so will give that a shot. I’m really liking the Enterlac projects, they look great and are fun to make. He is a pillow cover I just finished using shadow knitting techniques.


A really lovely example of entrelac, so beautifully worked. It’s an inspiration, Grandma.