Need Advice on Knitting Book

Hi everyone,

I want to buy Barbara Walker’s Treasury but there are a few of them. I was looking at 1 and 2 at Amazon. Since the budget only allows one, any suggestions. Although I’m not good at it, I love lace patterns. Thanks.

I have both one and two. I’ve done a few patterns or swatches, not many, in both, but mainly I just like to look at those books. It seems to me the first book is easier, but book two has simple stiches too.

I’m definitely looking for the easier one. That’s the one with the red cover? Thanks.

The blue cover is the first book.

I wouldn’t say it’s all easy. But the stitch patterns are such that you can knit 1 repeat swatches of something just to see what you think or to learn the technique.

Really all the books are amazing a beautiful collections.

And they both have lots of lace patterns? Thank you for your help!