Need advice on finding yarn!

Hi all! I haven’t done needlework in a long time and I’m a beginner at knitting. I can’t find the type of yarn that I would use for some things. It’s just “regular” worsted weight, 4 ply in acrylic. What I’m finding is a lighter weight yarn that’s called “worsted” but is not as heavy. It’s difficult to get the guage with this for me. I was told at my local yarn store that the yarn I used is no longer made! Is there anyplace I can still get it? Thanks in advance!

try looking on yarndex for a the weight/ply you’re looking for

I think the worsted weight from 20-30 years back was heavier than it is today. I’ve got some that old and it’s definitely thicker.

I have a lot of what I think you’re looking for, taking up valuable space in my stash room. I’d be happy to send you samples if you’d like them. I have mostly blues and greens, and some other colors, some in whole skeins still. If it’s what you’re looking for, we could arrange some sort of buy/swap/sell. PM me if you’re interested.

Try ! They have great yarn!

Or !