Need advice on a throw

Ok, I am going to make a big ole homey throw for my family room…think labrador, black kitty and two teenage boys, so this will be used and NOT an heirloom. I am using bernat soft boucle in a brown tweedy and that divine yarn also in a brown…going to do on 17 circulars so I dont lose have stitches falling off all the time.

I want this simple…very simple…what stitch pattern would you all use?

I would do something simple like this:
It’s just a checkerboard pattern with a garter stitch edge. :slight_smile:

I am working on the variation on #3 of this one.

i am using the Lion Homespun for that one. it is nice and thick and soft. seems to be going fairly quickly too…i just need to find more time to work on it!

the patterns suggested sound great…if u don’t care for them u could always google ‘free knit afghan patterns’ and see what turns up

kitkat, I’ve been wanting to make a throw/afghan too and also have a lab. Plus, I’d like to make one we can take camping too. While I want it to look great, I want it to be simple and wash very well.

I do like that Big Block afghan!

I am a little concerned about using the “divine”, because not sure how washable it will be, plus am a bit concerned that Cooper will eat it…he loves to stick his big black labby nose into the yarn and snort it.

lmao kitkat, my Lucy does that too. Have you posted a pic of your lab yet? I’m gonna go look in the pet thread to see…hehe…

I need to take a current picture of Mr Wunnerful. I really want wash and wear…so may have to rethink my secondary yarn to the boucle…with edit…the soft boucle is washable, the divine is not…so now I need to find me a different one that will be washable, plus I left some leftover divine out just to see what Cooper would do, he had it totally all over the place and it was clear some of it had been sucked on (not chewed, but sucked on eeeeeeeeeeew).

Here is the boucle I have… #22927…now your assignment, should you care to accept it (and you do), is to find me some nice cheapy yarn that I can use to blend with this! I already have my size 17 circular needles and heaven forbid I dont use them for this very project! I figure I need at least one other mixer yarn.