Need Advice for the TUBEY pattern

Hello all,

I am planning to knit up my very first sweater, the famous Tubey.

Has anyone here knitted this, and have some advice? I have been noticing that there is some sizing issues with the garment from google searches.

I plan to do the XL size, as I am a busty gal (38DD) and hippy. I have a pretty narrow waist, for the most part, but I do have a gut. I plan to use a lot of lifelines through out and try it on a lot too, just to be sure on the sizing.

I am going to my LYS today to check out yarns, but I am not wallowing in the cash, so I am willing to order online for better deals, but I also don’t wanna cheap out on the yarn for a sweater.

Does anyone have any yarn suggestions also? I have only ever knit with red heart, or bernat, as Walmart SUCKS! when it comes to selection.

So a run down:
Size = XL - (maybe smaller?)
Colour = Solid (jewel tones of blue or green)
Yarn = Worsted
brand = ?

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Krystal -

There are quite a few users who have knit this pattern. There is a Knit Along (KAL) here on KH that might provide some useful information!

Good luck!

hmmmmmm… have you checked out the clearance sale? they seem to have pretty good deals, and defenently some worsted weight. If that’s not good, how about knitpicks? I know they have nice deals :thumbsup:

As for the other stuff, I can’t really help you. Sorry!

OT: That is a GREAT sweater!

I’m not ready to take on a sweater, but I look forward to trying to make that.

I did the Tubey in Andean Silk from KP. I think it is slightly itchy, but I can wear a shirt under it to solve the problem.

I think there were some sizing issues. I made the XS (32A) and it is a bit big, therefore the neckline on mine does not pull nice a straight like the one in the pattern picture.

Some people made different size arm/back pieces and body. However, I think this may result in some of the bunching issues.

I am thinking about making another one and will probably use KP Merino Style because it has a little more bounce to it. The Andean Silk might just be too heavy/drapey for this pattern.


I made the tubey sweater.
If you go straight by the pattern its going to be big. The whole body is ribbed so it can stretch. I should have started with a smaller size. So definitely swatch and figure out how many inches around you need so you know how many stitches. That will give you a better fit than just knitting the size you wear. If there is a big difference between your waist and bust size then you might want to add in some increases. Otherwise it would be tight around your chest or hang really loose at your waist.

The biggest problem I had with it was that I ended up with extra fabric where the sleve back section meets the back. I guess the top of my back is smaller than the circumfrence of my arm :stuck_out_tongue: Choose your sleeve size to fit your arm and if its too big for your back add some decrease right after you finish the sleeve.

Hope that helps. I’d be happy to answer more questions later. Feel free to pm me, but I gotta run now


One word: HUGE. Do not make the XL! :fingerwag:

lmao… in 2 words : I’m huge! but I am definately gonna swatch I am thinking I might be an XL shrug and a L to M body depending. I was even considering doing a sample body, to see how it fits in what areas alot of work, but a couple hours could save me a few weeks.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I had already looked at the tubey KAL here, but it was mostly 65 pages of YOU CAN DO IT and chatting, I did pick up some ideas and stuff tho from it. And the FO pics were gorgeous!

I finally got to visit the only 2 LYS here, and was SOOOO happy. It was like heaven. Walls stacked to the cieling with shelf after shelf of un ending yarn. I got to feel different styles and I gotta say, I am in love with the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino… but not the price. I will probably order online tho, because I seem to find more deals in bulk.


I don’t know anything about the pattern but I recently made a pair of Fetching wristwarmers with DB Cashmerino and it pills. Soft as can be but doesn’t seem to wear well. Just my opinion – it is on the expensive side. I wonder if anyone else has had that happen.

I love the pattern thought and will probably look into making one for myself.


that’s what I heard too. Alot of people in the Tubey KAL didn’t use the cashmerino because of it’s bad reviews… It may be wonderful at first but it doesn’t wear well, and what not. That’s really too bad tho, because it feels sooooo wonderful.