Need advice for choosing good easycare yarn

Am discouraged with 2 men’s sweaters that I have made. One is several years old made with Lion Brand woolease. The hem is entirely stretched out. The other is 2 years old; made with Paton’s Canadiana. This sweater is full of pills and stretched out basically all over, but especially the length of the body and the sleeves.
My son and his wife are not very careful with laundering the sweaters. Is this the problem?

I welcome suggestions for yarn that will hold up well. It needs to be machine washable and dry-able. Thanks.

I’ve done a few things in Woolease, and many others in acrylics and don’t have any stretching. Some yarn pills more easily than others, but these should hold up pretty well. It could be how they wash things, my son said his exwife could shrink anything, even non shrinkable stuff…

Unless a sweater is hand washed and laid flat to dry it most likely show some wear after several years. Better yarns probably hold up a little better.

One of my favorite yarns for projects is Plymouth Encore. It comes in away more colors than LB Wool-ease and IMO is nicer to knit with. I’ve used the DK and the worsted.

Although not the least expensive, I think [B]Encore [/B]yarn is a very good, easycare yarn. I’ve had a lot of experience with it, and it has stood up under stressful conditions!

It isn’t the cheapest, but it is still very economically do-able!