Need a yarn recommendation

Can someone recommend to me a good sportweight cotton yarn (that’ not too terribly expensive)? I’ve found plenty of worsted weight cottons, but no sportweight. It’s for a little girl’s dress, so bright colors and machine washability are plusses, but not absolutely necessary.


Hmmm, there’s no Hobby Lobby near you, so their I love this Cotton yarn is out, though you can order it online at Paton’s Grace is about sportweight I think. Lion Microspun is really soft, though splitty if you don’t mind not-cotton.

I thought about Microspun, but I think it might be a bit too drapey for the pattern I want it for. Maybe I can order the Hobby Lobby yarn on line. What is the name of it?

Just what I wrote - I Love This Cotton… here -
hmmmm, it says use US8, but I swear it’s thinner than sugar n cream. Just a little, maybe a light worsted. Maybe that’s not such a great suggestion.
Grace should be available at Joann’s, maybe Michael’s. Maybe someone will have a suggestions for a LYS yarn.

I totally missed that that was the name of the yarn. :teehee: Thanks.

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey All,
Marria -Though my breadth of knowledge about yarn extends to robin double knit (2ply/4ply baby wool and upwards) and King cole waves (chunky but wonderful), I want to bring a magical way that will guarantee you will find a yarn you want… Are you in suspense yet?

The magical way of finding the right yarn is… go into a yarn shop with an empty yarn bag!

I said ‘a’ yarn, not ‘the’ yarn :teehee:.

Yarn shops!:happydance: Yarn shops!:woot: Yarn shops!
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I’d love to do that, but I’m on a budget right now a we are currently living on just my salary after my husband lost his job. (He ended up going back to school.)

Anyway, I may just put this project off for awhile if I can’t find the yarn I want…it’s not like I don’t have a ridiculous number of other projects in my queue. :teehee:

I’ve made camisoles for myself using KP Shine sport weight it’s 60% Pima cotton and 40% modal and another using Cotlin which is 70% Tanguis cotton and 30% linen and a DK weight. I am very happy with both tops and would definitely use the yarns again.
Shine is 2.49 a ball and Cotlin is 2.79. There are some lovely colors available.

I found this website last week on another “search for cotton” thread. They have many different types - here is a link to one that is sport weight. Not as inexpensive as SnC, but not too too bad either and available in 140 colors. They have alot of different cotton yarns that you could look at as well