Need a tutorial video!

I am new to knitting and was searching online for scarf patterns when I came across Favorite Scarf Ever Pattern by Lisa Bruce and would love for someone to show me how to make this. I currently knit on rectangular looms and don’t understand the terminology in her directions. I succeed most when I can watch someone do it physically. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

I attached the file with the directions!

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Favorite Scarf Ever PDF
Are you knitting it on a loom or by hand? Most of us here knit with needles but there are some who use looms. The pattern is written for hand knitting with needles; I don’t know how that would translate to using a loom

I would be knitting it on a rectangular loom. I believe if I use just one row of pegs instead of two it’s possible to do simple knit and purl stitches which is all this one calls for I believe

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If you need help with terminology, there’s a Glossary tab with some links to videos that may help. It’s at the top of this page. There are also more videos on the Free Videos tab at the top of the page.