Need a "translation" for Wenlan Chia's Lacy Chunky Throw - Any help?

Hi, there. I’m trying to start Wenlan Chia’s Lacy Chunky Throw [in pink Rowan Little Big Wool…a baby blanket], and I’m having a really hard time with understanding how to do Row #2 of the pattern. My brain has turned to bubble gum!

Row #1 [even number of stitches]: *K2 tog, yo, rep from * [I think I get that, but I end up with a odd number of stitches - one missing when I count the stitches].

Row #2: *Slip 1 st purlwise wyif, p1, pass the slipped st over the p stitch, yo rep from *

That is all there is to it, but my row two is a disaster - and I don’t get the wyif - if you are purling, the yarn will be in front anyway, right?

I’m going to try it again right now. If anyone has thoughts on this, I would be so appreciative! Thanks so much!:knitting:

Row 1 - check that you didn’t miss a yo or k2tog. Name the sts and look at each one - dec, O, dec, O - and you should be able to find the error.

Row 2 - yeah the yarn’s already in front, maybe they just wanted to make sure you didn’t slip with the yarn in back. This dec is like the slip, knit, psso only in purl - slip, purl, psso. Then a YO. It would mirror the k2tog/yo on the other side.

Hi again and thanks for such a speedy reply.:slight_smile:
I was just trying it again, and I have figured out the weirdness, but now how to “fix it”…
On Row #1, I start out with, say 10 stitches [an even number as specified], but by the end of the row, there are only 9 stitches because the last 2 stitches knit tog don’t have a corresponding YO. Or maybe I don’t know how you do a YO after the last stitch…

So, then on Row #2, I start with 9 stitches and end with 9 stitches because the only thing that can be done with the last stitch is to slip it on the right hand needle.

And so on…if I keep going, I’ll keep losing 1 st on Row #1. So I think that is where the problem lies - a YO at the end of the Row? How to do that?

Any thoughts?
Thanks again!

Are there edge sts that aren’t part of the pattern repeat? Like it starts out k2, *K2 tog, yo, rep from * and end with k2. So there would be another YO before the last 2 sts.

You got it! And I got it! Thanks so much…
Just doing a test swatch w/o the borders was a problem!
Thanks again and happy holidays!