Need a Substitute for Cashmere Yarn

I am planning my 2007 projects , knit only from my huge stash and want to start the Mobuis Cowl by Cat Bordhi that was featured on Knitty Gritty and I find myself already against the wall :wall:

I have sworn to knit from my stash until it is under control and it is only January 13th ( go figure that date) and I need yarn that I do not have in my stash. I was all set to buy it and the thought struck me… you need to knit from your stash , rather than buy more yarn. Soooooooo
here I am needing a good subsitute for cashmere. I don’t nave any in my stash so here I am. ( I knew this would happen , but this soon … geezzzzzzzz!!! I have to be strong )

Anyone have any ideals for subing the Fleece 4 ply Cashmere for anything else.

I have tons of hand painted STR in my stash in Med weight…will that work… Im Desperate… :wall:


That pattern works in just about any yarn, either something lightweight, or use larger needles for a lacy effect. Try some as a flat swatch in the pattern to see, just remember to purl back on the w/s row.