Need a simple scarf pattern for a busy yarn >>>

I’d like to use a stitch that makes the color pop, but NO cables!!! (Sorry, I’m currently at odds with cable until later this afternoon)

What would be an interesting and relatively simple stitch or pattern to keep me entertained until I can get my vest in the shop later?


what weight is that yarn boo?

because there’s this but it says it does better with a slippery/silkier yarn-
this is 50/50 wool/silk

And this looks fun

calls for 13 needles but I think an 11 would work fine.

that magknits scarf could be made with the bulkier yarn I’d think…?

on the one from magknits, did you read the line “carefully remove stitches from the needle”? eek!

i’ll check out the other ones. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can beat casting on 17 stitches and using 10 1/2 needles and the doing a simple seed stitch…with the odd number of stitches you can knit, purl, repeat for every row…I have actually made one out of the yarn you have shown and just loved it…

It might look good in a double moss st (need a multiple of 4 sts so CO 16 or 20 sts).
K2, p2 for 2 rows then p2, k2 for rows. Repeat.

What color did you use? I’m not liking this one too much, but I do have Rose Garden at home.


well I am pretty good at getting them off the needles NOT carefully!! LOL! They are chunky stitches though, so it’s not tooooo bad :wink:

I saw the twister on Knitty Gritty but it was not called the twister. The show was with the baby hat and booties. Then she showed the scarf. It was done in a mohair type very thin yarn. one woman did it in a fingering weight. Sorry that I can’t remember more for you. Any ways good luck in what you decide in making with your purty yarn.


I would suggest the seed stitch. I just finished a wrap using a multicolor yarn and my wrap looks great! Try a sample swatch and see what you think. Good Luck!

How about an entralac scarf? There are lots of free patterns out there. There’s one on Knitty, here’s another:

What about the woven rattan stitch scarf a.k.a 'My So Called Scarf? It shows off variegated colors well.