Need a simple project for trip

I haven’t done much knitting this last year since my son was born so I find myself without a project OTN’s to take with me on our road trip tomorrow. I need suggestions quick so I can get it started tonight - I will have a 9hr drive up and 9hr drive back…thinking about a small baby blanket or prayer shawl to donate to the church, but I would have to buy yarn for that and I’m sort of on a yarn diet. I have lots of Cascade 220, sock yarn(not sure I can start socks in the car), and cotton for dishcloths and wash mitts…

[QUOTE=vaknitter;1324267]I have lots of … cotton for dishcloths QUOTE]

Why not do dishcloths? You say you have the yarn for it already. They are small so they do not get in the way in the car and you could probably finish (depending on how fast you are) one on the way up and one on the way back.

I envy people who can knit in the car. I have motion sickness so bad that by the third stitch, I would be demanding the driver pull over so I could be sick on the side of the road.

Hat, cup cozy, toy…

How about something different with the sock yarn - a shawlette. This one is very popular - traveling woman - and most of it is stockinette.

Of if that much lace is scary, how about a simple garter stitch one.

When traveling I take a very simple project (all garter or knit a row, purl the next). How about a baby blanket or scarf?

How about a string market bag? You said you have cotton yarn. I use cotton yarn to make my string market bags. I knit a square of either garter stitch or seed stitch that is about 8-10 inches square then pick up stitches around all sides, have an even number of stitches and start knitting in the round. I knit a band of garter stitch or seed stitch or stockinette for about 1 inch so things can’t fall through then I start the pattern . Row 1 . Knit. Row2. K2tog, Yarn over, end with a yarn over. These two rows make the bag very stretchable. They will hold quite a bit of weight. I tested my bags by using our dogs by putting one dog in the bag and holding it up. Coal is a black and tan mini dachshund and Sugarfoot is a standard piebald dachshund. Coal weighs about 7 lbs and Sugarfoot weighs about 12 pounds.

Thank you for the suggestions ! I made dishcloths all the way up and am thinking about starting a baby blanket or doing a few baby hats for the trip home. I am visiting my parents and I am fairly certain I can get my mom to buy me some yarn if we “happen” by her LYS : ) Maybe some sock yarn for that beautiful shawl or more cotton for a market bag. I laughed that you check the strength by putting your dog in the bag b/c before I read what they are tiny I was envisioning my 60+lb dog sitting in my market bag - haha

I hope you’ve never had a bag fail the test! :rofl:

I loved doing traveling woman!!

How about a cotton hand towel/face cloth set like this one? Very handy, and very giftable!
(The towel buttons around the towel bar, preventing it from ending up on the floor all the time!)

Here are my project notes/pattern (free) for it! In addition to the yarn I used, you could easily substitute Lily Brand Cotton, Sugar and Cream I think it’s called.

Here are some face cloths I knit up, using one ball of Lily Brand Sugar Babies cotton yarn.
Garter stitch face cloths are great! They really [I]scrub off the facial cooties![/I]