Need a Scarf Pattern for a Young Adult!

My friend is 20 and she is kind of grungy but very classy looking. I bought think red yarn to knit her a scarf but I can’t find a good pattern. I dont want anything too crazy but I want it to be different. Does anyone have any ideas? :think:

There are just too many scarf patterns out there. Knitting Pattern Central alone has a long list. The list of scarf patterns on Ravelry is even longer. Are you looking for a heavy warm scarf or a finer, dressier scarf?

My friend lives in a country thats extremely cold so i wanted it to be cute but will keep her warm

It would help if we had more info. What weight is the yarn you want to use and how many yards do you have to knit the scarf with?

Salmonmac is right…There are thousands of patterns so we need you to narrow it down.

The weight of the yarn is 10 and I have 218 yards to knit with. I just started knitting a month ago and goodness there are so many knitting patterns! Its a bit overwhelming :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean by 10. 10 stitches over 4 inches (10 centimeters)? Or??

Usually there is a number on the label from 1 to 6. Or giving us the gauge would be good which is the number of stitches per inch or over 4 inches, etc.

It doesn’t sound like enough yardage for a scarf, but maybe a short one or a cowl.

She may mean 10 ply, which would be worsted weight.

Ashy 104, it’s not so much a pattern that makes an item warm or not, but the yarn fiber. Any pattern would be fine.